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Savings from Speed

Treat Patients Sooner with Quality and Confidence

Savings from Speed

“We were on a very strict timeline for opening our center. On short notice, they delivered high-quality commissioning services that were letter perfect and highly cost effective. Thanks to them, we opened our center on time.”

J. Rosoff, MD, Co-founder & Owner

Landauer Medical Physics can commission a linear accelerator and treatment planning systems in as little as one week, compared to the standard commissioning process of 6-8 weeks.* This can result in an additional revenue opportunity of $500K or more with minimal disruption to patient care.

*For illustrative purposes only—based on 2011 technical Medicare rates and average of 30 daily patient treatments per week (30% IMRT).

* Total time required for commissioning varies. For example, the approximate timeline for commissioning a dual-energy linac is one week, whereas commissioning a complex linear accelerator system can average 10-15 days.