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Cancer Center
Planning & Design

Open On Time, In Compliance, and On Budget

Cancer Center Planning and Design

“They helped us open two free-standing cancer centers, including the radiation oncology setup process from start to finish, equipment commissioning, protocol development, treatment planning system setup, and QA program implementation. They ensured the systems were integrated, policies and procedures were consistent, and operations ran smoothly across the two centers. They helped evaluate physics candidates and select the right long-term fit. The centers opened on time and on budget.”

K. Woofter, Chief Operating Officer

Whether you’re building a new cancer center or retrofitting an existing radiation oncology facility, we optimize the process with end-to-end solutions from design, planning, and equipment selection, through medical physics support for regulatory compliance, and on-site staffing. We have overseen construction and retrofits of facilities from 6,000 to 100,000 square feet, with project budgets ranging from $300K to $18M. Our projects come in under budget, on time, and often ahead of schedule.

  • Leverage our experience utilizing the latest technology, equipment configurations, facility designs, and clinical workflow requirements
  • Accurately determine the exact location and amount of shielding needed
  • Optimize room layouts to ensure efficient clinical workflow
  • Experts in commissioning and regulatory requirements ensure the right expertise is available when you need it


Start-to-finish treatment center planning and design services include:

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