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LANDAUER Medical Physics

Partnership Opportunities

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Partnership Opportunities

Achieve More With Landauer Medical Physics

Landauer Medical Physics was founded to create a professional home for medical physicists – a common place to come together to generate new ideas, establish standards of quality practice, and develop new products and services.  From this home, we help to fill gaps in patient care, QA and radiation safety programs in the Radiation Oncology and Medical Imaging Community.

We partner with medical physicists and practice groups around the world to create a network with the depth of expertise and breadth of geographic coverage to address the needs of a changing health care delivery system.  As medical physicists with long history of commitment to the AAPM, Landauer Medical Physics is committed - both personally and corporately - to maintaining the high standards of practice and ethics that our profession has worked so hard to develop.

With professionally and geographically diverse resources, Landauer Medical Physics can help your practice to provide services that exceed your existing capacity or range. We have also, on several occasions, partnered with medical physics practices to present comprehensive solutions to large health care delivery networks, with the support of our parent company Landauer. 

Contact us to learn more about how you can achieve more by partnering with Landauer Medical Physics.

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