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Landauer Medical Physics can help guide you through the complex process of setting up new imaging equipment to ensure regulatory compliance and provide optimized image quality, while minimizing unnecessary expenses.

Regulations related to installation, registration and setup of new imaging equipment vary by state.  Most states require that a qualified medical physicist design shielding and perform a post-installation survey of the new equipment prior to use.  Furthermore, all non-hospital providers of advanced diagnostic imaging services must obtain accreditation as a condition for reimbursement. 

Landauer Medical Physics offers end-to-end solutions so you can efficiently start using your new equipment:



Landauer Medical Physics offers expert, practical radiation safety and imaging training courses available in-person or online.  Our growing course offerings streamline compliance with training and credentialing requirements and provides a positive and practical experience for attendees.


Landauer Medical Physics supports your application to the American College of Radiology (ACR) or Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) from start to finish. We partner with you to prepare your application, optimize equipment and imaging parameters, and submit your application(s) to the ACR or IAC. Learn more about our accreditation support services.


The Joint Commission Sentinel Event Alert #47 (Radiation risks of diagnostic imaging) recommends that medical facilities institute a process for the review of all dosing protocols either annually or every two years to ensure that protocols adhere to the latest evidence, and that they consult with a qualified medical physicist when designing or altering scan protocols.

 Landauer Medical Physics has helped hundreds of clients design, evaluate and update (when necessary) CT protocols.  We work with your team to implement protocols that optimize image quality while delivering the lowest achievable radiation dose to patients.  Contact us to learn more about how Landauer Medical Physics can help you design new or optimize existing protocols.


Landauer Medical Physics can help you efficiently and confidently address issues raised in the Sentinel Event Alert #47 with an expert, third-party audit.  Completing an audit of your imaging program demonstrates that you have taken the SEA #47 seriously, and have embarked on a program to address important patient safety issues.  Learn more about our Sentinel Event Alert #47 Audit service.