Radiation Oncology Careers
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Radiation Oncology Physics

Radiation Oncology Physics Careers

Landauer Medical Physics provides diverse and rewarding careers in radiation oncology physics and dosimetry.

The Landauer Medical Physics practice group consists of over 100 board certified or board eligible medical physicists and Certified Medical Dosimetrists (CMDs)  – more than any other medical physics practice group.  At Landauer Medical Physics, you have access to a large network of colleagues that have a broad range of expertise to help you address any physics or dosimetry challenge, and unparalleled opportunities to enhance or expand your skill set by working with experts on specialized areas such as commissioning, radiation shielding design, cancer center planning and design, or other areas of medical physics.   Those who join Landauer Medical Physics benefit from the opportunity to collaborate with experienced associates having diverse expertise, while working closely with the center’s therapy team to provide some of the most advanced dosimetry and treatment capabilities. 

Landauer Medical Physics radiation oncology physicists practice clinical medical physics, and participate in equipment commissioning; acceptance testing and annual evaluations; acquisition of equipment; radiation shielding design; and institutional radiation safety committee meetings. 

The Landauer Medical Physics team is enthusiastic about medical physics and radiation oncology, and interested in helping clients improve the quality of radiation therapy and practices.  Our medical physicists and dosimetrists practice at client sites ranging from small private practice therapy centers to large hospital-based departments, which are located in several states with in the US.

The radiation oncology practice group is best characterized as a collegial group of over 100 radiation therapy medical physicists and dosimetrists, working together for the benefit of their clients as well as to develop their own careers in medical physics.  Members of this group range from new graduates in medical physics to senior members with over 30 years experience to medical dosimetrists.  Employees have a variety of educational backgrounds, including B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees.  Over half of all radiation oncology physicists at Landauer Medical Physics are certified by the ABR. 

We will update our website as new positions become available.  Please check back soon for updated information regarding openings.  To submit your application to keep on file for a future opening, please contact Human Resources at careers@LandauerMP.com.